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Laptop Repair Service  Delhi

We understand how frustrating it can be done to deal with the loss of Laptop, and that is why we are in our attention to expand and help our customers with all kinds of damage Proud of the potential. We specialize in laptop repair at home on the same day and working with all brands and models: We can repair any laptop : Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Surface Pro, etc.

I offer quick turn services and our typical tour around laptop repair service in Delhi. Upgradation and replacement are 1-2 days depending on the severity of your proble

Laptop screens,Replace remove laptop viruses and update your laptop hardware. We can also be called out to fix your laptop or Internet problems at home. The JMD Computer Services covers the Delhi area including North West Delhi,
Our goal is to prevent problems of providing exceptional service or to repair your laptop quickly for your home. Our team of experts will pay attention to your needs and offer you the best solution and advice on managing your laptop.


JMD is the leading computer hardware company that deals with repair of laptops in Delhi / NCR. We serve customers with great satisfaction for 12 years.
Our goal is to provide more and more customers with a lot of affordable service. We provide support from the beginning to finish the hardware to create new office configurations with newly created computers, printer installation and service. We are working to develop technology that can send humans to the next level.

Then each user of a laptop will repair his laptop in front of his eyes, when he spends a good amount for it. If I talk of a laptop properly and when your PC needs to have a good maintenance after a few months to work running faster, then you will be happy with your laptop.

We Have Specialist Of Fulats

Here we are repairing motherboards of laptops of all brands, such as BGA level repairing and chip level repairing, same day delivery is given.

We fix all kinds of Liquid Damage laptops, no matter how damaged we will fix your laptop exactly, with one month warranty.

Is not your hard disk working? Whether your data is importable, do not panic, we have all the solutions, such as hard disk detection, media cracking, burning of hard disk's logic card.

Solution of the laptop screen, such as screen being white, blinking screen, not screen, we have problems. We solve this problem in just 1 hour and Delever Your Laptop at Your Home and Office.

Hinges are repaired by our laptops and replaces also if your laptop is a hyphen side, if you have it then you can contact us.

If your laptop's battery is not charging or does not back up, then do not worry, you call us, we solve it, site in your house.

Does the fan of your laptop do not work, because of which your laptop is being overheated, we solve such problems only on service charges

Is your adapter not charging the laptop, because of which you can not carry a laptop if you do not bother, we do not solve it, that too in just half an hour.

Computer Repair Service  Delhi


We fix all the brands and computers of all the companies, according to your convenience, as well as you want to repair all the parts of the computer's mother board, ram, hard disk, power supply, at all costs. We also repair computer displays such as LED,LCD monitors, if you call your computer today, then you can call or mail us.

Specialists in personal Computer & Professional Computer Repair in Delhi

Computer component gets slower as age, programs become larger and more hungry system and essentially our systems become clutter.

We provide small businesses for middle enterprises, home, drop-off computer repair in Delhi.

We treat computer problems such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Compaq, Himachal Pradesh, Escapes, IBM, more Trend brands ...

Professional service on the at your Door, you want to improve your Desktop's performance or install a wireless network with an upgrade. You need fast, instant computer services and repairs JMD team is perfect for you. You can call and book an online service one week, round the phone calls 7 days to call a service service on the site and send you friendly service technician to your door within 24 hours.


Printer Repair Service Delhi

Specialists in Laserjet Printer & Professional Repair:

Your call will only solve your laserjet printer and inkjet printer at home in front of your eye at a very affordable price. We have professional and experienced engineers who have great experience for repairing any type of problems with laptop printers, whether related to hardware or software. We provide printer repair service. in all major brands printers such as HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Xerox etc. and printer in Delhi National Capital Region.

Deals in Printer Parts:

We also have parts of all models of printer available which are priced in very cheap prices. Such logic card, power card, teflon, scanner printer, these parts are also sold and repaired If you have a little bit of printer information then you can buy these parts from us and change and make it.


JMD COMPUETR SERVICES is your one-stop shop for Printer Repair Service in Delhi. We are not repairing almost all of the reffling Solution of toner & cartridges.Laserjet | Inkjet| Deskjet | Printer all Solutions - But we are also leading expert in the repair of logic board, Improve all type power card printers. When you can be fully tested, do not take the risk of Repairing and reffling cheap Price online, There may be a quick solution to repair a printer, or it may prove a major repair that requires a lot of time and dedication. Whatever your choice, we have to fulfill all your needs for the correct man at the right price to JMD for the printer Repair in Delhi.

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