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About us

JMD Computer Services After March 2008, we offer laptops for an exceptional range of Computer repair service to all our customers in Delhi. One of the Computer repair service center in Delhi laptops, that logic should be present, was moved to the rhythm of Delhi,New Delhi. Busy. In 5000, Arthur had a chance to make a company that has it.

All work we are deciding under starting 1 month guarantee and all Computer screen repairs a full 3 month warranty "No fixed, no fee" and also receive one, we operate a service "fixed fee" then No matter what you know how exactly it will work! Our portable computer repair services in Delhi are far ahead of our competitors. This can clearly be understood by our customers happy. Due to the fact that we stand out from other Computer repair service providers that our authentic work and promise is made.

We have been a strategic service partner with Intel and HP repair all models of laptops and HP printers. We use the approach to provide high level service to give 100% satisfaction to our customers. Over time, you can face some problems in your computer / Computer as portable heating, performance does not work, motherboard problems and so on. We are here to help you solve all these problems. JMD Computer Services is just a call away to help you get your Computer in good working order.

We come for you! Gone are the days of having your computer / Computer to pack and repair it to carry with you. These days, we come to you and the computer is right in your home or office, so you can see it by working in your own place. You will never find your computer back in a shop only to find that it's the same problem again! If you are worried about the cost, please feel free to discuss with us by phone. We can develop an IT solution according to your specific needs and believe that you are the moon will end up getting your invoice.

I did a lot of work to get my hard drive data, but there is no success. So we went to a Computer Repair in Delhi. And all the lost data recovered is a very reasonable price.

What We Do


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Fixed Your Computer

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We Offer Multiplicity Services

  • LED-LCD Broken and Damage Replace
  • Keybord Key Missing and Damge Replace
  • Any Type Of Software Issue
  • Virus and Harmful File Removel
  • Liquid Dameged and Auto Reboot
  • No Display on Screen
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Lines Beyond the Screen
  • Faulty parts replace and repair
  • Computermakes HDD Noice While Running
  • Internet-related difficulties
  • Free installation of anti-malware software
  • Recovering files and precious photos
  • Fatel Error Messge Show on Display
  • Hangging Problem
  • Unwanted File Openning Automatically
  • Some Video File Not Play
  • Wifi Conectivity Problem
  • Operating System not Open
  • DVD Player Not Working
  • Battery Plug in and Not Charging
  • USB Point Not Working
  • Touchpad Not Working
  • Printer Not Working
  • Heating Fan not working
  • Printer Put Fully Black Print
  • Administrator User Locked