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JMD is the leading Laptop hardware company that deals with Repair of laptops in Delhi / Delhi. We serve customers with great satisfaction for 12 years

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JMD engineer has a wide range of spare parts and actual software to ensure that your computer is back up and running with minimal of nuisance and delays allow us

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We offer a fast and cost effective Laserjet printer Service in Delhi, call on 8130-74-1446 and talk to a Printer Professnial Engineer.

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JMD Providing of Best Computer Repair Service in Delhi

JMD Computer Services one of the Best IT Service providers in the Delhi-NCR and your Home / business office is very good value and the best price to repair your Computer and you are looking for an Computer Service Delhi and NCR, we do. Our computer Repair Company is one of the Best Computer Service center in Delhi
We are the Best when it comes to the Computer Home Service Delhi. we Received Regular calls to Repair Computer Support in Delhi/NCR. We know that the extent to which you worry about your main Repair Service would have cost you dearly. Our experts offer you the estimated total value without cheating and only after your full satisfaction, they start to Repair their Desktops and their Laptops. We are the Best Because we are offering the Best Computer Company in Delhi
JMD Computer Services in Delhi, the original Spare parts of computer and laptops of all brands. So you do not have to worry about the quality of our services that we offer on the site or indirectly. JMD Computer Services is in Delhi. to ensure that our customers started a clear strategy to get repairs at the Home or Corporate Office in Delhi/NCR at the time of distribution of computers or laptops.

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select Your Usage Plan Of Computer AMC Service in Delhi

On Time Fix

  • 1 Time Onsite Visit
  • Free Window Installation
  • Free Antivirus installation
  • Complete PC Tune Up
  • Free Dignosis
  • Duration 1yr.
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Basic Plan

  • 27X7 Support
  • 2 Time Onsite Visit
  • Free 2 Time Window Installation
  • Free Antivirus installation
  • Complete PC Tune Up
  • Free Dignosis
  • Duration 1 yr.
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Premium Plan

  • 24X7 Support
  • 8 Onsite Visit
  • Free 8 Time Window Installation
  • Complete PC Tune Up
  • Free Antivirus Installation
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited chat Support
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Best Laptop Support in Delhi

  • Keybord Key Missing and Damge Replace
  • Any Type Of Software Issue
  • Virus and Harmful File Removel
  • Liquid Dameged and Auto Reboot
  • No Display on Screen
  • Faulty parts replace and repair
  • Operating System not Open
  • DVD Player Not Working
  • Laptop makes HDD Noice While Running
  • Internet-related difficulties
  • Free installation of anti-malware software
  • Recovering files and precious photos
  • Fatel Error Messge Show on Display
  • Battery Plug in and Not Charging
  • USB Point Not Working
  • Touchpad Not Working
  • Hangging Problem
  • Unwanted File Openning Automatically
  • Some Video File Not Play
  • Wifi Conectivity Problem
  • Printer Not Working
  • Heating Fan not working
  • Printer Put Fully Black Print
  • Administrator User Locked
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Lines Beyond the Screen

  • Here we are repairing motherboards of laptops of all brands, such as BGA level repairing and chip level repairing, same day delivery is given.

    We fix all kinds of Liquid Damage laptops, no matter how damaged we will fix your laptop exactly, with one month warranty.

    Is not your hard disk working? Whether your data is importable, do not panic, we have all the solutions, such as hard disk detection, media cracking, burning of hard disk's logic card.

    Solution of the laptop screen, such as screen being white, blinking screen, not screen, we have problems. We solve this problem in just 1 hour and Delever Your Laptop at Your Home and Office.

    Hinges are repaired by our laptops and replaces also if your laptop is a hyphen side, if you have it then you can contact us.

    If your laptop's battery is not charging or does not back up, then do not worry, you call us, we solve it, site in your house.

    Does the fan of your laptop do not work, because of which your laptop is being overheated, we solve such problems only on service charges

    Is your adapter not charging the laptop, because of which you can not carry a laptop if you do not bother, we do not solve it, that too in just half an hour.

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